Episode 17 / Microdemocracy

October 24th, 2017 | 1 hr 17 mins

Our guest for this episode was J. Stephen Lee! Portland, Oregon in tha house! We chat about designcraft on really large screens and the craft of design as a distillation and specification process. We also talk about challenges of working with clients and the advantages of being articulate about your decisions. And then we got on the topic of braided belts, the Heaven’s Gate cult, BBS culture, and the Starburst unit of measure… so you know you’re listening to the right podcast.

Taylor investigates making things as a way to deduce the decision-making capabilities and preferences of two-year-olds. Stephen generates and abstracts in the Trumpist era. Rob puts the nano in microdemocracy.

 Shout out to Ranjit Bhatnagar for coming up with the “Microdemocracy” challenge!


Toddler brain experiments


Patriogorithymic live image processing


Money >> mouth is