Episode 12 / Keys of Understanding

August 14th, 2017 | 1 hr 25 mins

Artist and public school arts educator Arturo Romo is our guest this week! Northeast Los Angeles in tha house! We discuss public education, the joys of collaboration, and creating life stability. Some people look like vegetables, and some vegetables look like humans. Rob now wears a bike helmet and deploys as many icons as possible to preach the bike safety gospel. And he encourages you to earn the “burn money” merit badge. Arturo moves the bones to shuffle and stack colonialism and decolonization. Taylor gets his 3-point perspective on! Mosfet is not a Star Wars bounty hunter… that we know of. Taylor also names the “woke death metal” genre. Shout out to Erin O’Brien  for coming up with the “Keys of Understanding” challenge!


Bike-friendly clipart zine


Cards for humanity


Electronic pseudo circuits pseudo suitable for framing