Episode 14 / In Reverse Dance Poem

September 11th, 2017 | 1 hr 7 mins

Jon Satrom is our guest this week! Chicago (x2) in tha house! We talk about being punk rockers, dropping projectors and being deep in the hippie game. There are many things to buy when the invisible hand of disaster capitalism pays full retail price for your surplus gas masks.

Internet Engineering Task Force… take notice! Taylor has created the haikulink transport protocol (Is port 575 taken?). Jon squeezes Taylor and Rob through a neural network and a whole bunch of like… awesome weird stuff comes out, you know? Rob talks trash on solenoids but they came through in the end so he probably shouldn’t get too puffy about it.

 Shout out to Violet Juno  for coming up with the “Dance Poetry in Reverse” challenge!

90’s, ai, arduino, electronics, face mapping, file systems, flask, flocking, gas masks, grunge, haiku, machine learning, neural networks, punk rockers, python, raspberry pi, rnn, satanism, solenoids, tensorflow, turntables


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