Episode 24 / Dismantlefesto

January 30th, 2018 | 1 hr 12 mins

No guest this week, just Taylor and Rob holding down the fort. Very handy in case a strong wind comes along with its mind set on blowing the fort away. We talk about the art of redundancy. Rob believes no baseball cap should have that little rope in between the cap part and the brim. Rob is also wowed by Taylor’s awesome Adobe Illustrator skillz!

Taylor breaks down the cool differences between copperplate etching and woodblock printing techniques and he shares his 4 Horseman of the Trumpist Apocalypse shudder . Terry Gross is pretty cool. Rob digs though his tools to find the ones critical to the taking apart of things.

Thanks to Kelly Marie Martin for one of the best challenge names ever!


Preliminary sketches for political etchings


In which Rob keeps chasing that PDF dragon!

Rob’s “Tools for Taking Things Apart” PDF