Episode 29 / 10 Times Bigger

April 10th, 2018 | 1 hr 17 mins

Our guest for this episode is Rita Blaik! Los Angeles in tha house! We kick things off with some discussion on design vs art and gender diversity in science. Then we dive into the projects! Taylor the Chef cooked up some supermax treats to get your mouth watering on some nutraloaf! And he gets dinged in the cheek by a bullet fragment that can’t be stopped. Rita drops the cryo-electron microscopy science on us! And she shares the wonderful curiosities of Ernst Haeckel and Robert Hooke. Rob tries to up the fidelity and weirdness of the video he made last week. And he talks about skateboarding… again… Apologies for a few audio quality nuances. It took some psychic surgery to get around some of Rob’s microphone problems.


Poor food, rich food


Gimme 40 Blaiks stat!