Episode 32 / Mechanical Breakfast

May 23rd, 2018 | 1 hr 7 mins

Our guest for this episode was Charlene McBride! Seattle in tha house! YESSSSS!!! We talk about La Croix, crafting, patterns, deflated currency, fraud, and illegal owl bartering and machine assisted creativity! Taylor’s juicy photography makes everything look like candy. Mmmmm… rosin core…
Charlene channels the alpha, beta, and gamma. Rob reflects upon his poor drawing skills. Reflects… get it? Get it?

art, axidraw, brain waves, challenge, chicago, crafting, creativity, cricut, deflated currency, dura lar, evil mad scientists, fraud, high flow acrylic paint, hyperlapse, la croix, los angeles, making, owls, patterns, photography, radio shack, the silver bullet


Looks good enough to eat…


Get out of my head!


It’s like cheating, but only with one eye

rob from rob ray on Vimeo.

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