Episode 4 / Stand-Up Comedy

April 24th, 2017 | 1 hr 16 mins

New media artist and educator Nick Bontrager joins us this week! Texas in tha house! Taylor eats too many ribs. Google conjures boy bands, pizza, and dogs on skateboards. Nick unravels and re-ravels the mythologies of place, spelunks the man-cave, and makes Max/MSP do backflips.Taylor scrapes r/all for comedic gold and finds… it? He found something, anyway. Nick invites us into the green room for a good panic. We learn Unity is so powerful it can fill a toilet with the entire ocean. Rob’s fascination with Nuclear End Tymes makes him think preppers are his people… Never assume preppers are your people. Oh! and an extra special thing! Ranjit Bhatnagar sent us a really cool video piece inspired by this weeks Opposable Thumbs challenge! Wait for it at the end.