Episode 43 / Precision

October 23rd, 2018 | 1 hr 6 mins

Our guest this episode was Mathew Lippincott!  Portland in tha house! “Precision” is our challenge this episode! Thanks, Quinn Dunki for sending us the challenge! Taylor puts the work and flow into rework and reflow. Mathew folds, unfolds and beholds! Rob’s morning ritual goes exactly as planned. Exactly… As… Planned… We also discuss Mathew’s encounters as a volunteer operator for the Futel telco network and AirPup, his latest amazing dirigible project. Our guest this episode was Mathew Lippincott! Listen as we talk telephony, dirigibles, and creative bureaucracy at opposablepodcast.com/43.

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Rob’s true love, revealed


And don’t call me Shirley


What is this, a soldering process for ants?