Episode 45 / The Falsely Accused

November 20th, 2018 | 1 hr 4 mins

Our guest this episode was Debbie Chachra! Cambridge in tha house! “The Falsely Accused” is our challenge in this episode! Thanks to F. Douglas Brown for the challenge! Taylor creates Castle Gradenstein (an FPG?), and we talk about the weirdness that is grading. Debbie investigates the cost of false positives, atypicality, and the emotional weight of not knowing what to do next. Rob takes a thing apart as a meditation on women’s liberation, invention, and the master’s tools. We also discuss making beer, useful design feedback, David Milgaard’s innocence, witches, wooden fire ladders, poutine… annnnnnd Stan Lee.

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Immersing oneself in the least favored tasks


Cancer cell photos on card backs by  Dr. Chris Bakal, Institute for Cancer Research, London

Thanks to Dr. Alan Nazerian, who’s a radiologist in Chicago, for his help with understanding the cancer screening process and the incredibly detailed information he provided. The usual disclaimer applies, which is that I alone am responsible for errors and oversimplifications.

Thanks to my colleague, designer Tim Ferguson Sauder — I went to show him what I made and to ask how best to photograph it, and he volunteered to take the photos posted here.


New mammography screening deadlines:

Rates of breast cancer by age:

The biology of cancer cell shape and why it’s important:

Playing card template:


Ride or Die (PDF zine)

The Master's Tools with Busted Knuckles