Episode 7 / Homemade Chemicals

June 6th, 2017 | 1 hr 10 mins

Dan Bustillo is our guest this week! It’s plastic buckets all the way down as we don our ordnance disposal suits and mix up some homemade chemicals! Polystyrene and acetone don’t mix. No! Wait! Dan shows us they do mix… into a very goopy suspension. Your very goopy lower intestine seems like a good place to hide secret messages but… is it? Rob puts the doo-doo in Do It Yourself. What’s in the boooox?!? Taylor concocts a potion and sketchy is transformed into etchy! Can you make diamonds in a microwave? Mmmmmaybe… and if that fails you could probably make a death ray.

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Easy circuit board etching


Simple dry toilet


Two DIY plastics: one green, one not so green