Episode 8 / Crafting Security

June 19th, 2017 | 1 hr 36 mins

Our guest for this episode was Federico Tobon! We put the Kraftwerk in Crafting Security! We talk LEGO, laser cutters, bubble wrap, metalworking, Enigma machines, crosscut sleds, fat pencils, Inkscape, hersheytext, the awesomeness of scissors, and a whole lot more. You might want to bring a battering ram if you’re at a dinner party with Taylor. Just saying… Federico makes creating your next password the most fun and contemplative part of your day (mad props to xkcd). He also shares a way to convert your 3D printer into a laser printer. um… WUT! Rob heats up some Perler beads and ices up his grille cryptography. Also, shrink wrap is a wonder. Shout out to Dan Bustillo for coming up with the “crafting security” challenge!


Home security on a teenie budget


The world’s first not Mario Perler project


Physical password generator/fidget toy

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