Episode 30 / Proving Yourself Wrong

April 23rd, 2018 | 1 hr 14 mins

Our guests for this episode was Tim Sway! Connecticut in tha house! We get the juicy details from Tim about how he ended up making “The SqWAYre,” his super cool measuring and marking tool. We also talk about the mighty power of high school art teachers (Thank you art teachers!). It took Rob only four months to go from swearing he would never do something to doing it twice in one week. Don’t look to Rob for guidance about self-control. Tim lets fly but in a peaceful way. Except for those birds he’s flipping. Those are pretty angsty. Taylor dives into the Internet of Energy Wasting Things. This is our 30th episode! Every 10 episodes we invite all of our previous guests to call in and let us know what they’re up to so we’re excited to share some of those with you! So be listening for those around the 55 minute mark.


Wherein our beloved co-host gives in to utility and pledge gifts


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Wasting electricity with purpose