Episode 42 / Build a Working Camera and Take a Picture with it

October 9th, 2018 | 1 hr 12 mins

Quinn Dunki is our guest on this episode! Los Angeles in tha house! “Build a working camera and take a photo with it” is our challenge for this episode! Thanks, Arturo Romo, for sending us the challenge! Rob goes for broke and then goes for broke again…. and… ends up broke. Quinn brings tha heat to freeze a moment in our lives. Taylor risks being arrested for capturing photographic psychedelia but perseverance and Metallica gets him through. We also talk about the amazing wire walker and interventionist Philippe Petit. Quinn gave us our next challenge at the end of the episode, and you can hear the fear in Rob’s voice.


Fail forward


You can’t tell me what to do!


Tired of off-center toilet nut photos? There’s got to be a better way…